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"A New Kiss" 

"****" - Down Beat Magazine

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*Check out David Budway's essay on The Similarities of Jazz Harmonies and Contemporary French Music  (Pg. 104) in Downbeat Magazine.

*Interview In the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review.

*Interview with David Budway in Jazz Inside New York.  

*Interview with Hubert Laws in The Garden Island- Kauai.

*Review of Album, One Lucky Day, Bobby Belfry with the David Budway Trio. Cabaret Scenes.

Hubert Laws:  “... Although I have had the pleasure of performing with Chick Corea, Bob James, Herbie Hancock, McCoy Tyner—to mention a few—it is of special note that David Budway gives me an extra dimension when planning my live performances. I am now able to include classical as well as jazz repertoire in my programs. He is an outstanding improviser as well as classical pianist...”    

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette:  "...Helping to create a full sound from the quintet [with Hubert Laws] were Pittsburgh native pianist David Budway and keyboardist Rob Mullens. The latter provided all sorts of electronic sounds without getting showy, so easy with those keyboards. He offered subtle voices of vibes and string harmonies while Budway provided intense work, also in the jazz and classical feeling..."

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette:  “... making his debut with the Pittsburgh Symphony, Budway demonstrated a side to his skilled musicianship the city's jazz fans have rarely seen ... ”     

New York Times:  “... funk kept appearing in great ways ... a percussive dialogue between Mr. Budway's Clavinet-like synthesizer setting and the drums ... ”     

Boston Globe:  “... thanks to the personal conceptions of David Budway, Watts’ compositions have taken on additional nuances.”     
     and:    “Kudos to the pianist David Budway. His phrases sparkled with freshness, whether he was whipping the keys into a frenzy (while nearly convulsing on the bench) on the opening tune or offering up Beethovenesque introspection on the trio piece ... ”     

Stereo Review: “...Budway's own six songs hold their own with the likes of Mancini, McKuen, and Previn ... ”     

Jazz Times:  “... Budway, a stellar and vastly underrated pianist, distinguishes himself with a daring, inventive solo ... ”     

Modern Drummer:  “Michael Brecker, Branford Marsalis and Ravi Coltrane and rising piano star David Budway all take killer solos ...”     

London Times:  “... maybe he'd learned something from David Budway; a pianist with a phenomenally light touch. Even at full power on the Watts original, Muphkin Man, he seemed to caress the keyboard.."   

LA Times:  “... pianist David Budway supplemented some fiery improvisational passages ...”     

Washington Post:  “... his shimmering original Pools of Amber which featured bewitching solos from pianist David Budway.”     
Daytona News Journal:  “Budway gave Laws a run for his money with a captivating, madman solo ...”     
Chicago Metromix:  “Budway offered hard-driving, unadorned pianism rather than fancy finger work ...”